Directions to my home

(by car from Luleå)


  1. Drive north on E4 until you have passed Börjelslandet (approx. 25 km).
  2. Turn left on väg 383, towards Smedsbyn.
  3. Drive approx. 10 km on väg 383, passing Smedsbyn and entering Bodens kommun.
  4. You will now see a sign saying Vibbyn. Keep on driving until you see a sign telling you to turn right to Brobyn.
  5. When väg 383 turns sharply to the left, you should take a right towards Brobyn. You are now on a small dirt road.
  6. Drive for about 900 m on the dirt road.
  7. On your right, you should see a number of red buildings (house, garage, sheep house etc), and probably some sheep. You are there.

Known problems:

  • Missing the right turn from väg 383. If you see a sign saying Ängesbyn is to the left, you have gone too far.
  • Missing our red house along the dirt road. If you pass a small yellow house with a BIG garage, you have gone too far.

If you get lost, call us at 0921-343003