Our sheep, February 13, 1999

On Thursday, February 11:th, 1999, sometime between 7pm and 9pm, Prickfot gave birth to two lambs. They were installed in our garage, since it is still rather cold outside. These pictures were taken 11am on February 13:th, so the lambs are only 1,5 days old.
The white lamb, a male. He has strange, hanging ears. It will be interesting to see if they will straighten up or not. Unfortunately, his mother is not too fond of him, but he gets his milk anyways. The black lamb, a female. She is a lot bigger and livelier than her brother, and as you see in the picture, her mother is rather fond of her. It is our first black lamb, so we are really excited. She even has a black tongue!


The rest of the flock are wondering what's going on...